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Příspěvek  Pavel za 23.03.10 15:15

(Kdo umí česky, nemusí tohle číst, ale zdá se že už tu máme i někoho dalšího.)

This is forum of our Mordheim playing group. Since we are Czechs, the forum is also in Czech. However, most of us speaks English, so English speaking visitors are welcome.

Our forums are sorted in following way:

Vyjasnění pravidel - Rules clarifications, i.e. what did they mean by that
Úpravy a modifikace pravidel - Rules modifications, i.e. how to change it to make it usable
Žoldnéři - Hired Swords
Scénáře - Scenarios
Kampaně - Campaigns, general debate and rules
Gangy - Warbands
Mordheimové kampaně - Campaigns, one forum per campaign being played
Ostatní - Off-topic, gallery, old campaigns etc.

If you want to debate something, simply start a thread in an appropriate forum. Enjoy your stay.

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